The Friends of Wortley Villa

The meeting of the Friends for an annual dinner in 2004The Friends organisation was set up when the excavation ended to maintain contact between a group of interested diggers and supporters.  The Friends met annually over several years for a dinner in May at Nibley House.  After 2010, the Friends no longer met formally and the dinners ceased.

(Photograph: The Annual Dinner at North Nibley.)



May 2010

The annual dinner of the Friends was held at the usual venue, Nibley House.  Sadly, this was the last dinner as funds have run out to subsidise the speakers. 

David Wilson gave a final speech to wrap up the project titled Mounds and Moats, Bones and Stones

The website will be kept alive for a while, probably until some time after the final report is published.  Comments and additions will still be welcome.


February 2009

Once again, the dinner was held at North Nibley.  The speaker was Dr Mike Allen, an Environmental Archaeologist with the Wessex Archaeological Trust.  He did some work for us at Wortley including a magnetic susceptibility test on the car park field (see Interim Reports 5, 8 and 9).


May 2008

The annual meeting of Friends was held at North Nibley when some twenty or more attended a very sociable round table dinner at North Nibley.  After the dinner, some early video was shown by Brian Johnson titled "What we did for the Romans: by the class of 82" covering work from 1990 to 1993.  Brian's video can be viewed here.  It might take a while to start and you need a suitable video player, such as VLC, installed on your device:

What we did for the Romans